Security Locks

For most of us, security is a top priority when selecting door locks for our houses, followed by cost, style and finish. Selecting the best door locks for your doors depends on whether a door is interior or exterior, because each type of door requirements completely different locking mechanisms. For example, it would not create a sense to install a deadbolt on a bathroom doors or a push-button good privacy lockset on a front entry door of your home. But first of all before we receive into that let’s analysis more about door home locks in general and which ones are the most durable.

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Our Solutions

We know your property’s security requirement, the surrounding neighborhoods and the technology required to match your needs- our years long experience working as Miami’s locksmith for both residential and commercial clientele is what sets Quickly’s locksmiths expertise one step ahead of the bunch when it comes to high security locksmith and emergency locksmith services.

David Davidoff, Quickly’s CEO has a range of experience he gained while working in Miami and outside the city. It’s valuable he’s the men choosing your locksmiths as he only hires certified, trustworthy locksmith, guarantied with our full warranty – when it comes to our locksmiths there’s zero room for errors.

Our highsecurity locksmith services are suitable for any number of scenarios including:

Upgrading commercial security

Is your building as secure as it could be? We offer high security locks, access control systems, panic devices to master key systems, safes, and more.

Moving to a new home

Our residential security locks, security gates, keys, and re-keying services provide your new home with a fresh, secure start.

New construction

We build security from the ground up on both commercial and residential construction projects using the latest technologies and quality locks.

Safe Locksmith Services

How to make sure you need a safe?

Our best tip for new safes users is just to evaluate the total worth of its intended content  next to the total expanse- seems almost ridiculous to reconsider right? You want to prevent any major property damage or theft, a safe is the simple way to go about it.

On top of that we recommend any client (business or residential) to own a safe when your property is open to many visitors throughout the day; you know your valuables are secured and if someone happens to wonder around- they won’t find anything laying outside for the taking. A safe is also a strong warning for potential thief who can spot a strong safe from a mile away and know it’s not worth the hassle, they’re best off looking for another easy target.

Name brand warranty equals safety

Here at Quickly Locksmith we only work with the best brands in the market- Amsec safes / Gardall safes / Sentry safes / American safes. Our safes are the most reliable, cost worthy & strong safes around, you can rest assure we’ve tested a bunch before offering our clientele only the best!

Certified safes installations + warranty

Safes break-in by certified locksmiths

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We Work Only With The Best Brands


Let’s Talk About Your Security Needs

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